Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

I'm trying to make the fiber stash seem a bit more...."reasonable". This here is the "Cairns" colorway from ComeInSpinner - it's a wonderfully plump Australian Merino, and comes in around 230 yards. It was wonderful to spin - I put in a bit of extra twist in the hopes of it plumping more, and it worked out just fine. The colors are just so rich!

I'm working on being more thoughtful in my spinning, so that I am not just showing you something and talking about the yardage and fiber content. I'm working on my organizational skills and note-taking, and working toward a more consistent & thought-out method of spinning. Even, dare I say, spinning for a PURPOSE. We'll see how it works out. Bear with me, okay?

The snow has helped my spinning spree, but the spinning spree has definitely hampered my knitting progress! Pictures soon (I swear!) of EZ's Seamless Hybrid in progress, and perhaps even a second pair of Fiddlehead Mittens. The original pair of Fiddleheads in this house has seen extensive wear this season, with our current (and supposedly going up tonight!) tally of eleventy-billion inches of snow. They are wearing wonderfully, though, but a second pair would be nice. I'm thinking an angora/merino blend for the interiors.

So! More thought, more pictures, more progress? One can only hope ;)

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