Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spin Span Spun

Oh wow. And here we are, 2 weeks later.....
I was trying to be so good about blogging the Tour de Fleece, and I ended up too involved in the actual spinning for it.
TdF - Day Nineteen (Stage 17)

This has been the most time-consuming of my Tour feats - 2 pounds of merino, singles set to be a 3-ply. It took a bit longer than I had hoped for, and I plan on also spinning up a few colored mini-batts that I have around as "insurance" for when I actually get to knitting this up!

There's also some more lace:

TdF - Day Eight

....perhaps for a second Aeolian Shawl?

And taking care of some past club shipments:

TdF - Day Nine
(Hello Yarn Club, 5-Plum Pie)

TdF - Day Eleven (Stage 10)
(Hello Yarn Club, Thrive)

TdF - Day Twelve (Stage 11)
(Southern Cross Fiber Club, Veteran)

I've also been laying out some text for a new, larger copy of the Devil's Dictionary. While it is slow-going and a bit tedious, I don't mind it too much - I've got a system down, and I'm being soooo meticulous about every little bit of it.

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