Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paint Me A Swatch, Dear.

The cold - and impending Snowpocalypse - are making for very productive knitting. I've been test-knitting a few things, in between bouts of spinning:

White Russian Testing

This is Thea's newest pattern - "White Russian". It's a lovely and simple tunic that's knitting up pretty quickly. I'm knitting this up in some handspun from ages ago - a 2-ply merino that makes a delicious fabric.

I've also been testing some more mittens (surprised? Didn't think so.), this time, for Elinor - the adorable "Ladybug Picnic" mittens:

Secret Ladybug

I snuck an extra ladybug under the thumb. I've only got this one done so far (in Reynolds Soft Sea Wool, which is wonderfully squishy), and I still need to weave in ends and block them. The pattern is well-written and makes for a quick knit.

There's also been a bit of spinning:

Spin Spin Spin

That's Hello Yarn Club Fiber "Pallid" in Rambouillet. I was lucky enough to score a sweater's worth of this stuff, and I have big big plans for it! It spins up wonderfully - I'm anxious to get it on the needles.

Of course, all this spinning and knitting seems perfectly NORMAL and USUAL. So I had to throw in what I've been referring to as my Second Stupidest Idea to Date (the #1 slot goes to this humdinger) -

Ceci N'est Pas Une Swatch

You can't see much there right now, but the idea is simple enough: Reproduce knit lace swatches on a grand scale (the paper is 25" x 35") in excruciatingly detailed watercolor. The execution, however, is tough. We'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to it - I've been meaning to get back to some drawing and painting, and hopefully this will fill that void.


  1. You are a crafting goddess (I think I've said this before).

  2. No, the knit art is a great idea! Remember the gallery that used to be in Lexington, by wild and wooly? I still kick myself for NOT buying this lovely sketch they had of knitted stitches that they had downstairs. So I can't wait to see the finished watercolor....

    And of course, the white russian.

    PS Ladybugs are adorable too.

  3. Adorable mittens. The pallid will be a beautiful sweater. Keep being artfully ambitious - it is inspiring.