Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Well, some bobbin spring cleaning. I've had a bunch of bobbins with little bits of projects on them and they've been haunting me. For various reasons I hadn't finished the yarn and cleared them off (not in the mood for lace, wasn't spinning up as planned, etc.) but I figured it best just to sit down and tackle them and clear them off. As of this post, I've only got 1 bobbin left with anything on it, and it's the first of a sweater lot! Here's what we've got so far:

Botanical Extracts, White

"Botanical Extracts" from FatCatKnits, Merino/Mohair/Nylon, about 520 yards (gift from Weetsie!)

"Speckled" Bundles

"Speckled" (split up and carded) from HelloYarn, Merino.

I Am Pretty Sure This Is Uluru
"Uluru" from SCF, in Superwash BFL. Also a gift from weetsie!

There's a bit more of the fiber, but that isn't all that I've been doing! There has been a TON of sewing going on.

Lobster Origami Quilt - White

I finally got around to making up one of these origami quilts I had been thinking about AGES ago - this is the Maine Lobster. The reverse side is red with white stitching. This went fairly smoothly, and I definitely think I'll be making more of these in the future.

New Skirt

I made this skirt! Every year I buy one or two lengths of fabric with the intention of making skirts, and every year I DO NOT MAKE SKIRTS. I finally got around to making some skirts and really got on a roll - I made 4 so far. All o the skirts are reverse-engineered from favorite (store-bought) skirts that I wear constantly through the warmer months. I put pockets in all of them as well (REAL pockets, not dinky girl-clothes "pockets"), and I've been wearing them all a ton/ Geez, why did this take me so long?!?!?

Houndstooth Cowl

There's been a little bit of knitting......

Houndstooth Weave
.......and even some weaving. I'm obsessed with Houndstooth these days :)

Ooh, AND I finished my Topflappen!



  1. You are the artisanal overlord.

    that is all.

  2. I like what Chawne said.

    I was going to say: oh Stacie. You make me want to make things.