Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy-ness, assorted.

Things have been a hodge-podge of busy over here. We got a new couch, which involved getting rid of the old couch (and chairs), taking down a ton of shelves, and basically re-configuring the entire living room. Behold, comfort:
...and excessive shelf space:
New Shelves

It totally opens up the room and makes everything fabulous.

Of course, this was just one stage of numerous home-repair projects. A month or two ago we helped a friend move, and managed to score 6 new-to-us dining room chairs. They're comfortable, and fit wonderfully in our dining room, but the seats were a blase beige (and dirty!) microsuede. Not so much. Off to IKEA! A staple gun, some fabric, and a half hour later, and we've got stellar new chairs:

"New" Chairs!

I love that they are each a little bit different from one another but all play well together.

There was also some smaller crafting going on (the quilt is on hold for a bit as it's been a bit too warm to work on the hand-quilting) - these shoes:

New Shoes

Someone pinned these a few months ago and I haven't stopped thinking about them. The originals were Marc Jacobs for Vans, but they seemed easy enough to replicate, no? Air-erase marker, fabric marker, and a half hour later.....I have awesome new summer shoes! Hooray!

There's also been some paper-cutting:
Chop Chop

These were sent out to have plates made in order to letterpress invitations and miscellany. The plates came out WONDERFULLY and I can't wait to get printing. Oh! Also in paper-cutting news, the Ignite presentation I gave a few months ago is now up online. It's all those 80s papercuts.....

There's been some knitting too:
Saartje's Booties
Saartje's Booties, HelloYarn Fat Sock leftovers.

Winter Storage Damask
Damask, handspun HY "Winter Storage" singles spun by the most delightful Sparkcrafted. I'm knitting this up for her.

And thinking about knitting a Stripe Study with these:
Stripe Study?
That's Malabrigo Lace on the left, and Spunky Eclectic "Orchard" Romney handspun singles on the right. The mal lace is....felty and pilly. ALREADY! Grumble.


  1. Wow! You HAVE been busy! LOVE the new living room sofa and dining room chair upholstery! I'm running to Ikea this weekend to see if they still have that fabric! Those shoes are faboo!

  2. Too many words to say all at once!

    Love the cutting! It's hard to truly appreciate the scale until I realized that's your keyboard right there. WOWZA, I'm erect for your skillz!
    Love the chair cushions!
    LOVE the Damask!

  3. The vans and papercutting are extra awesome.

  4. You are amazing. I want my living room "after" pictures to look as good as yours.

    Also: I already want at least 10 of the 80s cuts on a tee shirt. Please please make them; I might even get rid of all my other tee shirts and just wear nothing but these for the rest of my life. I'm not kidding.