Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Bit of Light

The winter just keeps on coming. The snow has no chance to melt before there is more covering it all up. In light of that, a little bit of spring to brighten the cold away:This amaryllis is in the dining room and opened up yesterday. The second bloom on there should be open in a day or two. It's nice to have a wee bit of natural color in the otherwise cold and snowy scenery!

Meanwhile.......more spinning. I'm still catching up with some club fibers, hoping to get things taken care of before next month's fiber arrives. This is a bit of "Twilight", the January Club offering form Spunky Eclectic.This is a 2-ply spun from organic merino - it is the softest EVER. The original roving had one dark end of greys and one dark end of purples. I split the entire length of it in half and spun it up quite plump - I ended up with one bobbin leaning towards mint & grey tones, and the other light blues and purples. Combined: this plush lusciousness. It's so freakin' lovely. And about 315 yards.

I've even taken up some knitting! I tend to not knit in January - I think it's some sort of vacation from all of the holiday crafting - and sometimes it seeps into February as well. But seeing as I'm accumulating a rather large stash of handspun, I thought I'd throw something onto the needles.
I've finally cast on for the Fern Garden Shawl (Rav link) - I had picked up the pattern a year or two ago, and just never got around to it. It just happens to have the same yardage as my Rocky Mountain High handspun from a week or so ago! And I thought that the merino/silk would add a lovely drape to the pattern. It's quite an easy knit so far, and the yarn is very nice to work with - I'm interested in seeing how the striping of the yarn balances out over the length of the shawl. Also, the pattern calls for 20 beads along the lower edge - I haven't chosen anything yet; I figure I should actually get somewhere near that portion of the pattern before I take a break to find beads. The nepps are keeping it interesting as well - the tough part (p5tog?!?!?) is worked on the purl rows, so there's no rest!

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