Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Maybe Now I Can Get Some Things Done

Ambling through deadline projects:


These are my 5 - count 'em, FIVE - potholders for the hot pads! and potholders! swap 2009. These puppies are made out of leftover/repurposed Debbie Bliss Cotton DK and Handknit Cotton, from a project started long ago, before I knew that I hated knitting with cotton. Glad to have a use for it now!

I joined this swap not really knowing how to crochet. I mean, I knew how to crochet, but really just enough to do 1. granny squares, and 2. finishing on any knitting. That's about all. But NOW! I probably went through about 22 different patterns before settling on this one - it's the Old-Fashioned Potholder pattern (Rav link), and it was fast! And easy to memorize.

These guys are hearty - the double-thick with DK yarn makes them pretty hard-core.

I took a jaunt out to the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival over Memorial Day weekend, where I visited briefly with Amy and Adrian. There were antics, of course:


...and I managed to not purchase everything. Picked up some spices, a bundle or two from Fantom Fibers, and 2 very lovely soft blue batts. The real damage was on the way home - it was the last day of the WEBS sale, and boy howdy do they know how to have a sale. I picked up the Cascade 220 (color 2409!) that I have been drooling over for about 2 years:


I have no idea what it is going to be.....

In other news:
- just finished up a secret project, pictures soon.
- I'll be heading out to Minneapolis in 2 weeks!
- I need to get back to spinning!
- My plants are looking good!
- I'm teaching for 2 weeks in June - Non-Adhesive Bookbinding & Cloth Case Bookbinding.

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