Monday, June 15, 2009

Minnesota, Meet-Up, More!

So much to talk about!

Indoor Cowlathon

I dashed off to Minnesota for a long weekend, where I met up with the most lovely and awesome nuttnbunny! It was great to finally meet her face to face, and our Buckland Cowls met up as well. Luckily, it was 53 degrees in Minnesota in June so we were able to UTITLIZE our cowls as we meandered about the stellar Franconia Sculpture Park:


This was all followed up with some CUH-razy Bloody Marys, ice cream with nuttnbuddy, and a delicious dinner by mr. nuttnhubby. And of course, there were treats:

NuttnbunnyDyedMe - Reef

Awesome Spun!

That's some fabulous Falkland Top dyed by nutt and some of her wonderful handspun. Yum! AND a shibori dyed scarf! AND! There's also some alpaca from a friend's farm - destined to be the linings for my handspun Fiddleheads (Rav link, kiddos) :)

My return to the east was heralded with more craziness: I've been teaching for the past 2 weeks and they've been installing baseboard heating in my apartment (which means I've had to move.....well, everything. Twice.) The brisk Minnesota followed me home! It's been rainy and cold since I've returned with no end in sight. My windmill army will protect me:

My Windmill Army

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