Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mini-Skein Madness

Lest you believe that the drum-carding extravaganza is the end of my fiber-related tasks, I present to you MINI-SKEINS: Pate de Fruit Mini Skeins That's HY "Pate de Fruit" in Rambouillet Mini-Skein Madness: Burnished HY "Burnished" (BFL) Mini-Skein Madness: Kitsune HY "Kitsune" (Polwarth/Silk) Mini-Skein Madness: Smells of the Sea ....and HY "Smells of the Sea" (Wensleydale) Now to figure out what to knit! Or maybe weave???? Anyway, mini-skeins are a blast to make. They are fast! They are really satisfying! And they are super cute! And then I lost my spinning mojo and moved on to sewing - I'll put all that up in the next few posts.

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