Friday, June 26, 2009

Juneary Knit & Spin

Just as the Juneary weather seems to be coming to an end, I've managed to complete a couple of handknits. The first lovely is something I've wanted to knit for quite some time now, but just now got around to (with a little bit of help from the Webs sale) - the "Shocking!" skirt by Veronik Avery:

Shocking! Skirt

This is a very fast, very easy knit. There was some confusion in the tuck row as to which color yarn to use, along with ending up having to do 2 WS rows in a row. This was all worked out by the time I got to the same point the second time around - the pattern is knit in 6 continuous panels - and I was able to breeze through the remainder. The final grafting row, however, was a bit of a nightmare. In completing the Kitchener stitch as written, you would end up with an extra row of Color A. I opted to remove the waste yarn from the provisional cast-on and grafted to my first wrap-row. This proved to be less than ideal; it took a bit to figure out the count using the wraps, and I had to fudge things a little bit to fit things together properly (I was also too lazy to go back and resolve all of what I had already done).

This skirt was knit in Cascade 220 on US 7s. I expect it will get a lot of wear during the cooler months, I'm just hoping that it doesn't pill.

In other feats of completion, here are some socks:

Peat Socks

I started these a while ago, and actually completed the first sock - of course, it was the second one that I got hung up on. The solid yarn is Reynolds Soft Sea Wool, and the awesome brown/grey/white is my own handspun 3-ply, from the delicious "Peat" colorway of HelloYarn fiber club. These socks are so freakin' squishy.

There has also been spinning:

Pansy Detail

200 yards of Romney in the "Pansy" colorway, from the Spunky Eclectic May 2009 Club.

"Spring Loaded"

~520 yards of Super Sproingtastic Merino in the "Spring Loaded" colorway (and boy howdy is it spring loaded) from HelloYarn.

I also picked up a Floor Loom! I'm waiting for some parts, so no pictures right now, but soon soon soon. It's the LeClerc Compact model, with a 24" weaving width. It's an X-frame, 4-harness/6-treadle folding loom that I can't wait to get to.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Finished Something

I finished this the night I got back from Minneapolis, but I just got around to blocking it out this week:

Future GW Textured Shawlette

That's my "Future George Washington" Textured Shawlette. The yarn is my own handspun - a 3-ply from batts from Enchanted Knoll Farms. The yarn is so freakin' sparkly! The pictures really don't capture how much glitz and glam are in there! These are a combination of Superwash Merino, Silk, Recycled Sari Silk, and SPARKLE. I was unsure of just what to knit with it. I decided to pack it up for travel knitting, and needing somethign mindless for the plane, ended up with the Textured Shawl recipe. The whole thing took no time at all, it's about 24" down the back, and it's quite soft. Fast, easy, mindless knitting. :)

I also received these today:


These are from the hot pads! and potholders! swap organized by the lovely Adrian and Maritza! I had a blast crocheting mine (and even learned to crochet) and it was wonderful to receive these and see everyone else's handiwork. These were made by (clockwise from left) Susan, Kate, deadkat, Donna, and Wendy G. They are all so wonderful - I love the variety of patterns, the colors, the yarns. I'm thrilled!

There has also been a bit of forcing summer to appear:

Summer Salad

For those of you NOT in the Boston area, it's been rainy and grey and cold for....well, most of June so far. And about 60 degrees or so. I made this salad last night - crisp, cool, refreshing, and delicious - perfect for summer! It's prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, some capers, sea salt, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Delicious and easy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Minnesota, Meet-Up, More!

So much to talk about!

Indoor Cowlathon

I dashed off to Minnesota for a long weekend, where I met up with the most lovely and awesome nuttnbunny! It was great to finally meet her face to face, and our Buckland Cowls met up as well. Luckily, it was 53 degrees in Minnesota in June so we were able to UTITLIZE our cowls as we meandered about the stellar Franconia Sculpture Park:


This was all followed up with some CUH-razy Bloody Marys, ice cream with nuttnbuddy, and a delicious dinner by mr. nuttnhubby. And of course, there were treats:

NuttnbunnyDyedMe - Reef

Awesome Spun!

That's some fabulous Falkland Top dyed by nutt and some of her wonderful handspun. Yum! AND a shibori dyed scarf! AND! There's also some alpaca from a friend's farm - destined to be the linings for my handspun Fiddleheads (Rav link, kiddos) :)

My return to the east was heralded with more craziness: I've been teaching for the past 2 weeks and they've been installing baseboard heating in my apartment (which means I've had to move.....well, everything. Twice.) The brisk Minnesota followed me home! It's been rainy and cold since I've returned with no end in sight. My windmill army will protect me:

My Windmill Army