Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Retro Flowers!

Sometime in September I stumbled upon The Retro Flowers Quilt and fell in love.  It was charming!  Simple, bold, striking!  So many possibilities!  I had some leftover fabric from the Vortex Quilt, and set out to recreate the Retro Flowers in solids.

My New Procrastination Technique Is Unstoppable

I cut out all of the colored bits and *most* of the white - I used some scrap muslin from one of the sample dresses from my wedding.  And I started sewing.  And sewing.  I worked on this project off and on - whenever I got the sewing machine out, I'd sew up another flower square, bundle everything back up, and let it rest again.  My project rhythm was broken up a bit when I had to cut out more of the white arcs, and that's when the project went on a many-months-long hiatus.

The other day I got everything out again - it was time to just Finish This.  And so I did:

Twister-Flowers Quilt Top

I made 17 flowers, so there will be one included on the back of the quilt.  The top measures about 60" or so square - I put a few inches of sashing around the whole thing.  I ended up supplementing the leftover solids with 5 more colors.  Next will be finding a suitable backing fabric and quilting this baby up!

This project was immensely satisfying - once everything is cut, the flowers go fairly quickly, and it's wonderful to have a completed square in a short time.  I didn't spend too much time figuring out he final placement of the squares - at that point I just wanted them all attached, and I figured it would look fine no matter where they ended up.  I'll likely make another one of these - I think it would be a great stash-buster to make one with prints!