Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh, Procrastination.

Dress knitting is complete, and I've moved on to the sewing portion of this extravaganza:

First, the petticoats. I made these with all new stuff, though I had Kathy's petticoats to work from and utilize, as well as 2 other wedding dresses that people offered up for me to use or cut up. All keeping in line with my last post :)

The next step is the under-dress. I'm using some green taffeta, which is a beast to work with, and I've been doing a Very Good Job of procrastinating:

Procrastination Bag.

I made this bag, which has been in my queue for quite awhile, and I even had the straps for it! My main issue with the pattern is that it called for large grommets, but I couldn't find any grommets large enough to accommodate the width of the leather straps. I ended up getting some plastic rings and buttonhole stitching all around the holes and the rings. Seems to be working out alright so far.

Mitten Season Is Upon Us.

In my excitement to be knitting anything that was not 1. linen, 2. a dress, 3. white, I cast on for the Druid mittens with some madtosh Vintage in "Maple Leaf". I originally knit the first mitten with the cuff (as written) but it turned out to be too gauntlet-y, and no one needs that. I ripped it out - I'll be adding a ribbed cuff and lining to each of these.

Massage Logo

I've also been working on a few random crafty jobs - this is a paper-cut I made for a friend's massage business (I'll link once this is approved and all okayed). We're toying with type to go with it, which *may* be cut out as well - NO PAPYRUS, I promise! (Why do so many massage places use that?!?!?!)
There's also a full-leather memorial binding that's in the works, 2 guestbooks, and a couple of albums - pictures to come later once they reach their intended recipients (and I complete them).