Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tour de Fleeeeeeeeeeece

I've been teaching for the past few weeks, and it has also been HOOOOOOTTTTTTTT.  But of course I could not miss out on the Tour de Fleece!!!!


I managed to spin up 7 pounds of fiber this year - a small cat!  It's mostly SCF and HY, with a bit of melseyknits & Fantom Farms thrown in for good measure.

It is so nice to spin for a PURPOSE - to know what weight yarn I'm aiming for, to have an idea of what yardage I'll need, etc.  I've had a few things in mind for some of these yarns, especially the sweater lots, and it feels great to be one step closer to having the actual garments :)

I mentioned it's been hot:

A Little Obscene

This has been the state of both cats lately.  PORNOGRAPHICAT.

Meanwhile, I've been (slowly) working on this quilting project, which at this point is, um, *mildly* obscene?

So I Sewed Up All Of These Flaming Vaginas

I'm thinking with the next bit it won't be as porny.  Hoping to get back to it in the next week or so.  The basic printout I'm working from is a print from the delightful Neil Stevens - I've got a number of his amazing Tour de France prints from last year.  The colorblocks of his bird prints seemed IDEAL for a quilt, and I'm hoping I can do the prints justice!