Monday, March 11, 2013


I've been making some progress on the previously mentioned UFO pile. I'm focusing on the sweaters, as I've got a few plans for FUTURE sweaters, and I'm not to start them until I get through the unfinished batch. So: PROGRESS! Needs Buttons. And Blocking. First up, this HY-SCF-SE combo handspun version of the Tourist Sweater. This was a super simple knit, and my main delay was that I was working the sleeves at the same time as the body in order to keep the progression true throughout. A couple of snow days, some wintry weather, and HUZZAH! Like that, a sweater is born. It's super comfy and warm and delightful. Coventry Champion Next up: Sweet, Sweet Coventry. This is knit up in Quince&Co "Chickadee" and it's got a delightful drape. This being cables, I had to pay a bit more attention, and it featured a lot of scattered decreases. The scarf portion was nearly the death of me - I HATE knitting scarves, and rarely, if ever, finish them. The bell sleeves on this are wonderful, it's a great color, a great weight, and I think I'll be wearing it a ton. I'll likely run a ribbon band behind the buttons and along the button band so it will hold it's shape a bit better. Sunny Caramel And then there's this Caramel Sweater. It's tosh merino light and JDMS and it's fantastically light and airy. It was a pretty boring knit, but I like to have a simple knit for in the car and watching intense movies. The only problem with this one is that the yellow bled PROFUSELY during the soak and block (and re-soak. And re-soak. AND.......etc.) It's not so bad that I won't wear it, but it's sad and disappointing nonetheless. Trauma There are 2 more sweaters that are in need of completion, but they're on hold for another week while I take care of some contract knitting. Which is a nice break at this point :)

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